From the year 2003 to 2004, Brother was conducting ‘Jesus is Sufficient’ ministry’s prayers and meetings in a rented place. Later the owners refused to give place. So meetings were conducted in a marriage hall. ThenThen the Holy Spirit spoke to our Brother and told that a place will be provided to him and there he would build Grace Tabernacle Prayer Centre and continue the ministry. But there were no finance. But God miraculously gave a place and also the finance to buy the land. Even though there were some difficulties in that place, the Holy Spirit asked to prepare the deed. Through God’s guidance that place was registered. One day in 2006, the Holy Spirit promised that He will build the place in the same year. To much surprise, the same month God enabled to put the foundation and in the 4th month a 60’ x 22’ building was built and completed with GS roofing sheets.In August 2006 Grace Tabernacle Prayer Centre was prayerfully inaugurated by Bro. Augustine Jebakumar (GEMS, Bihar).Since then, all the prayers and meetings were conducted at Grace Tabernacle Prayer Centre.

As the God’s crowd increased day by day, there was no enough space to sit and worship. So we have prayed to Jesus to extend the area. One day in 2015, the Holy Spirit told our Brother to extend the Prayer Centre and assured thathe himself will complete the task.. We have started to plan for extension with the faith in Lord’s word. By the abundant Grace of Jesus, Grace Tabernacle Prayer Centre was extended. Jesus himself met the financial needs. Praise the Lord! On 16th April, 2016, Dr. John Solomon (Miracle Ministry, Chennai) blessed and inaugurated the Prayer Centre with prayers. Still the Prayers and holy meetings are continuing at the Prayer Centre.

Various Ministries happening at the Grace Tabernacle Prayer Centre:

Every month 1st Saturday – Promising Prayer Meeting Morning 10 to 12

Every month 2nd Saturday – Holy Fasting Prayer Meeting Morning 10 to 3

Every month 3rd Saturday – Deliverance Prayer Meeting Morning 10 to 12

Every month 3rdWednesday – Prayer Walk Ministry Morning 10 to 2

Every month 4th Friday – Healing Meeting Morning 10 to 3

Daily Prayer for the Nation from Morning 10 to 11

Daily Prayer for the Ministry associates from Afternoon 2 to 3



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