The first fasting prayer was started on the second Saturday of January 2003. It was held from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm. Believers from various denominations joined together during this time of prayer. Usually, the day starts with praise and worship and then prayers are held for the nation. This is followed by prayer for deliverance. This is continued by a service with a message and then a prayer for the anointing of the Holy Spirit. The Gospel is shared with the new comers and they are led to the Lord. Later they are directed to the local churches so that they can grow and mature in the Lord. During prayer time, the Lord delivers many believers who are under the bondage of sin, sickness and witchcraft through prophetic ministering. At the end, there is a fellowship meal and also distribution of prayer oil to the needy.


This Prayer meeting was conducted from 2003 onwards. On every month 3rd Saturday Brother prayed with the Gospel sharing for the people who are suffering from the Evil, Bondage, Pain and Illness. For their deliverance he is praying with God’s grace and Blessings. Still we have few witnesses in our churches who were set free from the evil as testimonies.Lord Jesus healed many people who came from different places. They are new to Jesus Christ. They have accepted Jesus as their God and now take part in prayers and ministries and praise the Lord as testimonies.


Every 4th Friday of the month, healing meeting is conducted from 6.00 am to 8.00 am. Brother shares God’s Word and prays with a burden for the healing of all who attend through and also anoints them with prayer oil. Through his powerful prayers, God has healed many and kept them as a living testimony. The prayer oil is freely distributed. People who do not know God, receive healing from God and go to different churches to worship Him.


The Holy Spirit told to our Brother, “Prepare the Families and I will bless them”. So from the year 2009, every year on 26th January, Family Blessing Meetings are happening. In this plan, we gather all the families who pray together and give counseling with special prayers to lead their happy family with Lord Jesus Christ. Lord abundantly blessed and progressed these families. Some of them built new houses who were suffering without a house, got married and got child who were waiting for long time. God united the separated families with love and happiness. Jesus blessed with prosperity for the people who are doing business and enterprise. Brother prays to the Lord for the people who have joined in this Plan.


Every month first Saturday, morning from 10 – 12, Promising Meeting is happening. Brother delivers that particular month’s promising news and give Gospel message with prayers.

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