Letter ministry is done from the day ‘Jesus is Sufficient’ ministry was started. People who live a far write to us about their struggles and sicknesses for which we pray and reply to them what the Holy Spirit reveals. Many have been blessed through this ministry.


Marriage was held

My son’s marriage faced obstacles for many years. I requested the prayers of our Brother through a letter. He prayed for my son and replied what the Lord had spoken to him. I confessed the same promises and prayed daily. God removed every obstacle and blessed my son’s wedding in a special way. All glory to God.Bro. Meshach Manganallur

Obstacle removed

My father tried to go abroad. Many obstacles came on the way. I wrote to Brother and requested him to pray for my father. He prayed and replied that God would remove every obstacle and help my father to go abroad very soon. Within a few days of receiving the letter, the Lord helped my father to go abroad.Bro. SatishkumarPeranam

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