Prayer Camp

Brother was made to realize that the people are not in Prayers by the Holy Spirit. So in the year 2004, a three days Prayer camp was organized at Tindivanam. Nearly 500 persons from different churches, different villages took part in that camp. They stayed in the Camp for 3 days and nights offered with food and shelter. They were taught about Prayer and how to pray? And made them to pray well. The participants of tat camp were abundantly blessed by the Holy Spirit. So many people were raised to pray in Jesus Christ.

Power Ministry

The Holy Spirit one day spoke to brother and said that he needs to impart the power of the Holy Spirit given him. Therefore, some brothers and sisters who had the urge to do ministry were chosen for a four day camp. They were taught about the blessings of the Holy Spirit and his fruits with Gospel quotes. They were introduced to Ministries. Each and every one of them were blessed abundantly with grace by the Holy Spirit. They decided to pray well and start the ministries when they were leaving the camp. On each 3rd Saturday of every month, they do fasting prayer at their residence for the notes of the Holy Spirit. Many people were blessed by these prayers. Churches and ministries were formed in new places.

Missionary Ministry

Bro. Michel and Bro. Abraham Rajendiran are working as full time missionaries in our Ministry. We support them and their families by providing financial aid every month on behalf of our Ministry. Also we give financial help for three more pastors who are presently working in village areas.

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