In the year 2005, God spoke to Brother and told to give prayed oil to the people who come for our meetings. From then on, free prayer oil is distributed to sick people and demon possessed after every meetings. People who received healing and deliverance are numerous. We praise God for his power manifested through the oil.


Delivered from Coma

My uncle had a fall and blood clotted in his brain. Even the operation was not helpful and he went into a coma stage. The doctors gave up hope. I asked brother to pray for him. He prayed and said that God will give him healing and nothing will happen to him. I also gave the prayer oil to my uncle’s family and asked them to use it on him. They faithfully used the prayer oil and prayed for him. After a few days, he came out of the coma. The doctors were surprised. There was a lot of improvement in his health and God gave grace to him and he was discharged from the hospital. In my life too, God is doing many miracles through the prayer oil. I have given this prayer oil to many people I know and have asked them to use it with faith. God has given healing to many who have applied the oil with faith.Sis. ReenaChennai

Deliverance from witchcraft

I was affected by witchcraft and there was a burning sensation on my hand and legs and as a result I was unable to walk. I was not even in a condition to walk properly but was moving in a sitting position. I was under so much pain. When Brother prayed for me, the evil spirits within me shouted and departed. The witchcrafts set against me were broken through Brother’s powerful prayers. I applied the prayer oil on my legs and hands with faith and prayed. God gave me healing. I do not have pain or a burning sensation. God helped me to walk perfectly.

Bro. MoyeesonNemur

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