Social Outreach Ministry

God gave a thought and duty to Brother about the poor and the needy. Men and women ministers who were poor were gifted with new clothes. Encouragement was given and also new clothes were provided to brothers and sisters who are working in villages without any support. They were also provided financial help for their kid’s education. Also when calamities or any natural disasters strike the believers, relief was provided through visitation, provision of clothes and dry rations. Moral and emotional support is also provided. Hospitality is shown at Grace Tabernacle Prayer Centre, for elderly parents who are driven from the home by their children on account of accepting Christ. Financial assistance is also provided to such people.

Among certain families, the husband would be a believer and the wife is not and vice versa. In certain other families, only the children are believers. These families are unable to celebrate Christmas in their homes. Such families are gathered together and the message of Christmas is shared to them. A fellowship meal is also celebrated to enjoy the season. This brings glory to the Lord!

Medical camps are also conducted in the villages and the poor are provided medical counseling and free medicines.

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